Kathmandu in Nepal is the world's most earthquake-prone metropolis.
Here Janaki, ishu and Prayash live together with four million other Nepalese people.
According to experts, the city will be hit by a very strong earthquake in the foreseeable future.
Join the three young people on a journey into their extreme city and find out why it is so threatened.
And see what they decide to do, to save themselves, their families and their beloved city from a devastating earthquake.


Saturday, April 25, 2015, approximately at noon, a very strong earthquake of 7.8 Richters hit Nepal. The epicenter was 80 km west of the Kathmandu, and here on time of writing, there are still no data on the final number of dead and wounded.

The earthquake completely changes the perspective of this film project, which precisely should disclose the earthquake threat.

Janaki, Ishu and Prayash from the film have all survived and I have been in contact with them. Prayash is sitting in India and can not do otherwise than share relevant information on the social media.
Janaki is shaken, but succinct and full-time working for her Danish NGO that has lost most of their 18 years of development work. Ishu is with her beloved family. They live under the open sky, at her older sister and dare not move home, as there are rumors about a new big earthquake.

The film is still relevant. It gives an idea of ​​what it looks like in Kathmandu, why the city is so vulnerable to earthquakes, how earthquakes occur and much more.

I still hope that students, teachers and other interested parties will use the material.

Jesper Lambæk, Director. April 29, 2015.

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